baby getting haircut

A Guide To Baby’s First Real Haircut

As each week passes and our son’s hairstyle looks more and more like Donald Trump’s memorable mullet, it is obvious that he will need a first real haircut soon.

Technically, he has had a haircut. But that was at home, where he was distracted by family, and the cutting was done by his grandfather – someone he knows and trusts.

That was easy. A trip to the salon or barber promises to be much more challenging.

Like most toddlers his age (1 ½ years old), our son does not fare well with strangers and detests sitting still for more than a few minutes.

Last month we took him to a health fair where professionals checked children’s teeth, ears, and eyes. He latched tightly to his mother and cried when it was time for his check-up. He reacts the same during trips to the doctor’s office.

To say the least, my wife and I are apprehensive about bringing him to a place he’s never been, where he’ll be wrapped in a plastic cape, restricted to a chair, and a stranger will squirt water on his hair and clutch scissors near his head and eyes.

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mom breastfeeding baby

How to Treat Hard and Swollen Breasts from Breastfeeding

Our son is nearing 19 months and enjoying all sorts of food and drinks. He likes toast, yogurt, spaghetti, chicken noodle soup, fruit, and most desserts.

He also still likes to breastfeed from time to time. He remains accustomed to nursing when he wakes up in the morning and before bedtime.

In the last few months, mom has limited breastfeeding to two times a day. It’s now time to stop for good.

Throughout his breastfeeding adventure, change has been tough on our son.

It took a few days after birth to get the hang of eating from a nipple. When mom returned to work at four months, he wasn’t ready to eat from a bottle. The weaning process that began a few months ago was met with fussiness for the first handful of days.

But he’s ready to be done with breastfeeding. This morning he ate toast and a banana in place of mom’s milk.

Instead, our concern has turned to mom. Her body is feeling the effects of slowly shutting down her milk ducts. She has an engorged right breast that is tender, hard, and sore to touch.

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online shopping

Online Gift Ideas For Dad On Father’s Day

If you’re anything like me, a trip to the mall is a daunting, unsavory task. Finding a parking spot, pushing through the crowds, and searching high and low to find what I’m looking for is no fun.

If you enjoy shopping, you should have no trouble finding a gift for dad this Father’s Day at your local retailers.

If not, simply visit and start surfing. Hurry, though, because overnight shipping comes at a steep price, or your item will arrive late if you don’t order RIGHT NOW!

I spent a half hour this morning shopping from the comfort of my favorite chair while wearing old sweats. Plus, I came away with a great gift for dad that is scheduled to arrive at his doorstep Saturday morning.

After my browsing session, I pieced together a list of top 10 gifts for dad this Father’s Day (in no particular order). If I had ALL the money in the world, I would have ordered all these for my deserving father.

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father's day gift

What To Get Dad On Father’s Day

The third Sunday of June is right around the corner. For most of the world, that means Father’s Day.

Did you know that Father’s Day wasn’t celebrated by the masses in the United States until the early 20th century?

In other words, we dads are lucky to be alive now to enjoy the riches of simply being a father.

For sons, daughters, and wives alike, however, the day for dads can be stressful. What do we get for the man who means so much to us?

The truth is that most dads are happy spending meaningful time with those closest to them on their special day.

A gift – material or otherwise – is nice, too. Stumped on what to give dad this year? Consider the following options:

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